MSA’s FireHawk M7 Air Mask Less PASS, for firefighters, hazmat workers, and first responders, provides basic, rugged,reliable SCBA protection at lower cost for applications where no PASS device is needed. All pneumatic and electronics performance components are the same as that of MSA’s trusted FireHawk M7 and FireHawk M7 Responder Air Masks.

Features include:

  • Trusted option for HazMat, first responders, and firefighters
  • SCBA pneumatics as FireHawk M7 Air Mask, less power and control components
  • Choice of intermittent or continuous mode; user can switch among HUD modes
  • SCBA with bell alarm is great for fire brigades, HazMat workers, and industrial applications
  • Fire departments can purchase less PASS versions for use with existing standalone PASS devices.
  • Easily upgraded from less PASS version to full unit PASS
  • Simplified design and overall lighter in weight
  • Lower profile and easy-to-read pressure gauge

For more information, visit www.msanet.com.

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