RIVERSIDE, CA—The invention of E.V.A. offers a creative concept for a transmitting and receiving system for allowing emergency vehicles to signal other vehicles in the area of the approach. Rather than depending on each vehicle hearing a siren outside their closed car, the E.V.A. brings the sound inside where it can be heard above the noise of the engine, an audio system, or even loud conversations.

E.V.A. was invented by Edward Keaton of Riverside, California, who states, “This invention is designed to increase traffic safety when emergency vehicles are traveling on public roads. The E.V.A. is uniquely designed to transmit and receive the emergency sirens and alarms, providing a receiving unit in vehicles which will allow the siren to be heard inside the closed car, decreasing the possibility of accidents that happen when travelers are not aware of the presence of emergency vehicles in the vicinity.”

To view a graphic of E.V.A., along with complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, visit www.inventionpublicity.com/?id=3380 or www.sellidea.com/?id=3416 or www.virtual-prototype.com/?id=3417

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