Ebensburg, PA –The 9-1-1 Resource Center, sponsored by the United States Department of Transportation, National 911 Program has a project underway to develop consensus-based universal guidelines to serve as the basis for a 9-1-1 statewide program assessment process. The National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines are now available for public comment on the 9-1-1 Resource Center at www.911resourcecenter.org/911Guidelines/. Comments received will be considered prior to the release of the final guidelines.

The National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines were developed by the National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines Work Group (NAGWG) using a consensus process. The NAGWG is comprised of 9-1-1 professionals that represent various segments of 9-1-1 from local and state government, national associations and the industry.

The National 9-1-1 Assessment Guidelines will serve as a comprehensive benchmark for statewide 9-1-1 systems to measure their progress as a unique and important entity, and will help to facilitate a coordinated effort to advance 9-1-1 across the country. The Guidelines represent high level functions that should exist within a statewide 9-1-1 system. They are intended to be used as the basis for statewide system assessments to assist states in achieving their best level of 9-1-1 service.

Any assessment process that is established will be conducted on a voluntary basis. An assessment will be useful to evaluate where a state’s system currently stands, provide recommendations for enhancement and identify the need for resources to bridge gaps.

Interested parties may provide comments using the comment form found at www.911resourcecenter.org/911Guidelines/. The comment form should be submitted by e-mail to info@911resourcecenter.org. The comment period will remain open until September, 26, 2011.

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