After a disaster, light saves lives. FoxFury Lighting Solutions has outfitted Chasing4Life and its Disaster Response Team (C4LDRT) with new lights incorporating the latest LED technology to assist in post-disaster rescue and recovery efforts.
Chasing4Life helps track storms and provides assistance in areas affected by tornadoes, storms and other disasters. C4LDRT is currently in Joplin, MO assisting with recovery efforts.

FoxFury equipped the C4LDRT with LED headlamps (and helmet lights), utility lights and flashlights in 2009 and 2010. Additional lights, including the Nomad 3600 LED Area-Spot Light, were provided this year to fill even more of the team’s lighting needs.

C4LDRT is comprised of volunteers from all over the country that have undergone training, have backgrounds in emergency response work, or have specialties in areas related to disaster response and recovery. The team’s members have responded to disasters from Florida to Haiti and from North Carolina to Iowa. They work with communities as well as larger organizations like the Girls Scouts and ASPCA.

For more information, visit www.foxfury.com or call 760-945-4231

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