Firefighters from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, located in Southern California, will be training to fight helicopter fires on an advanced level after taking delivery of their BullEx Helicopter Fire Training Prop (http://www.bullexsafety.com/helicopter.aspx). The portable life-sized training system was designed to simulate a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and features moveable main rotors, an integrated weapons prop and functional cockpit and cabin doors.

The Camp Pendleton firefighters will train to extinguish propane-fueled flames in multiple burn zones, including the engine and passenger compartment. Constructed of heavy-gauge stainless steel, the prop will teach the responders proper hose line advancement and fire extinguishment techniques.

“Fighting aviation fires requires practical hands-on training with specialized suppression techniques,” said BullEx CEO Ryan O’Donnell. “Our mission is to provide the best possible training for all first responders. I’m delighted that Camp Pendleton firefighters have chosen to conduct this critical training with a BullEx Advanced Helicopter Training Prop (http://www.bullexsafety.com/helicopter.aspx).”

About BullEx Digital Safety – BullEx is an innovative technology company that develops smart training tools for firefighters, safety officers, and other emergency responders. Its global products include fire extinguisher training systems, hose-line training devices, rescue manikins, smoke generators, HazMat training tools and interactive fire prevention trailers.  BullEx serves a diverse customer base from its corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Albany, NY and maintains offices around the world.  For more information, please call 1-888-4BULLEX/518-689-2023 or visit the company’s website at www.bullexsafety.com.

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