Extrication Film Can Save Time And Lives

Packexe SMASH is a time-critical glass management product designed for vehicle extrication.

It uses a film that reduces the risk of the glass breaking and allows firefighters to remove glass quickly in one piece.

Packexe specializes in protection films. Packexe SMASH was produced after a request was made by a firefighter who used Packexe protection film in his part time painting and decorating job. He suggested Packexe’s films could be developed into a safety glass management product as an innovative extrication solution to replace soft-protection methods that use sheets, shields and bags.

Packexe worked with British firefighters for two and a half years testing and developing a product that would enable them to improve and speed up vehicle extrication. Packexe SMASH was launched at the UK Fire & Rescue Show in May 2009. Since then, the company said Packexe SMASH has been used at many international fire and rescue challenges.

“At Packexe we pride ourselves on innovation and producing products that will enable the highest standard of protection with an undisputed and unmatched ease of use,” said CEO Andrew Orchard. “Packexe SMASH is an extension of this innovation, and it is fantastic that we have been able to work with firefighters to produce something exactly to their specification.”

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