Everett (WA) City Council Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Everett City Council approved a contract to purchase a new ladder truck for $1,019,051.

The new apparatus is scheduled to replace our 24-year old 1989 E-One 95′ ladder platform apparatus, which cost $530,000 when it was purchased. The aerial apparatus has specific high-rise aerial rescue and fire extinguishment uses, and is also the main “tool box” (jaws of life, stabilization and extrication equipment and tools) for rescue and extrication emergencies for motor vehicle and other frequent high-intensity rescue operations.

It also carries large fans for removing smoke from structures following a fire incident. Along with those capabilities, it also is staffed to support basic and advanced emergency medical responses. While the frequency of the use of the 95′ aerial platform for rescue and extinguishment is relatively low, there is nothing else in our fleet that can do that job when needed, and there is regular use of the “tools” for vehicle extrication, de-smoking of buildings, and rendering safe of emergency scenes.

This 1989 apparatus was originally scheduled to be replaced at the 20-year point, which is seen to be the crossover age for maintenance costs and reliability for fire apparatus where keeping an old vehicle operational loses its financial advantage. Replacement was delayed until now due to budget constraints during the bottom of the economic downturn. Only one response was received from the well-broadcast Request for Proposals (RFP) and that was by the Rosenbauer manufacturer.

For more information, view myeverettnews.com

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