ESi Partners With Salamander For Accountability Solutions

Emergency Services integrators (ESi), a leader for incident management systems, has agreed with Salamander Technologies to offer its web-based crisis information management software with Salamander’s accountability system.

First responders and fire departments nationwide will be able to use ESi’s WebEOC suite of industry-standard incident management software with Salamander’s widely used accountability solutions to track responders and volunteer resources across a large scale, according to the maker.

“Today’s first responders need accountability on the scene and to share information across interoperable, NIMS-compatible systems,” said Paul Butler, an ESi director. “This reseller agreement will make ESi’s and Salamander’s complementary solutions more easily available to these front-line responders.”

Meeting The Needs

Joseph Robinson, vice president of marketing and sales for Salamander, said the agreement represents “the two best-of-breed solutions coming together to solve the issue of needing real-time, incident specific data” and distributing it to those who need it quickly, even in adverse conditions.

“When WebEOC is combined with Salamander’s interoperable fireTRAX accountability system, first responders get the best of both worlds – accurate life-saving, on-the-ground status updates and the ability to integrate them with the incident management big picture,” said Robinson.

Web-Based Management

The world’s first Web-based emergency management communications system, WebEOC provides cost-effective, real-time information sharing for day-to-day operations or emergency situations, according to ESi. By linking local, state, federal, non-government organizations, private and even worldwide sources together, WebEOC greatly facilitates coordination and decision-making for planning, training and emergency response, recovery and continuity of government or business operations, says the maker.

The result is a secure, real-time capability for maintaining a common operating picture and situational awareness of local, regional and national events supported by all-source information, current weather, GIS products and other critical encyclopedic and operational data needed for the efficient management of any contingency.

Most importantly, WebEOC is easily customized by the host user to meet their unique individual operational requirements.  Further, because of its ease-of-use and unlimited user access, with the purchase of one license, any number of authorized people can log into a customer’s WebEOC from anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity.

Rapid Screening

Using Salamander’s machine-readable, field-credential accountability solutions, first responders can be rapidly screened, checked-in and tracked at an emergency site or in preparation of a large scale training exercise, according to Salamander.  Its accountability and tracking systems are easy to use, have built-in redundancy in case of system failure for survivability, and can be used for daily personnel and equipment tracking routines or expanded for accountability during mass incidents to ensure scalability.

Managing Accountability

Salamander’s solutions can be used to manage accountability for victims, volunteers and evacuees for Mass Casualty Incident Management.

ESi, based in Augusta, Ga., offers Web-based information technology products and systems integration services to the emergency management and public safety sectors.

Salamander Technologies is a leading supplier of accountability solutions with its fireTRAX system. It is both a manual and electronic National Incident Management System (NIMS) solution, helping to ensure firefighter and first responder safety.

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