Equipment Failures of Neenah-Menasha (WI) Fire Apparatus Cause for Concern

A Neenah-Menasha fire truck plagued by equipment failures is causing public safety concerns. The fire chief is asking for a new ladder truck after the one they have broke down four times this year. But replacing it is expensive and there has been some opposition from city council members.

Both the Neenah and Menasha city councils are taking up the issue of a new truck, but Menasha’s council already met once to see if it could get approved, and not enough council members voted in favor.

The truck is breaking down on calls and firefighters have dealt with delayed response times. Once they had to run instead of drive to a scene. “They pulled over, firemen had to get out, put all their gear on, grab their equipment, and run a block to the fire. That’s just totally unacceptable,” said Neenah Mayor Dean Kaufert.

There is money budgeted for a new truck in 2015, but some aldermen would like to repair the truck they already have.

The fire chief says he’s found one for just under $800,000, cheaper than most, and says it’s time to replace the 17-year-old vehicle.

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