Ephrata (WA) Residents May Vote on Fire Apparatus Purchase

Ephrata residents may be asked to approve a bond to pay for new fire equipment.

The city council approved a series of nine public hearings and open houses, along with informational fliers to discuss the proposal to purchase a command vehicle, engine and ambulance with the public.

The bond is the second part of a plan developed by a team of community members in 2013. The plan called for a $765,000 bond to pay for the equipment.

City Administrator Wes Crago said the amount of the bond may change because staff members are working on determining the price of the equipment the fire department needs to replace.

The council members determine what items they want to purchase, which affects the price of the bond. Crago said the first estimate is scheduled to be released in March.

The council is scheduled to vote in July on whether to send the proposal to voters during the November election.   

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