Enterprise City (UT) Gets Fire Station

After years of applying for grants to no avail, Enterprise City is finally going to receive funding needed to build its first firehouse, the Lynn K. Bryson Fire Station, thanks to the fortitude and determination of a community that refused to take no for answer.

Though the Enterprise Fire Department is comprised of one paid employee, Fire Chief Brenden Moody, and about 18 volunteer firefighters, the department’s territory covers more than 400 square miles of range – much of it wide open.

Currently, there is no actual building to house the vast majority of the Fire Department’s equipment, and what little can be stored indoors resides in a shared space with the emergency medical services in the area. Everything else is stored at an outdoor site, where the weathering sustained by the equipment could potentially cause functionality problems in the future.

The majority of fires fought by the Enterprise volunteers are environmental fires, like brush or lightning fires, Moody said.

Construction of the Lynn K. Bryson Fire Station is scheduled to begin this month, and it is hoped the facility will be completed sometime in early fall, City Administrator Adam Bowler said. The targeted finish date will fall sometime around Sept. 11.

The building is named after a man who dedicated 50 years of his life to the service of others as a firefighter, Moody said.

Lynn K. Bryson moved to Enterprise after retiring in Bountiful, Moody said, and went right to work volunteering and helping build the Enterprise Fire Department to its current status. Bryson was instrumental in acquiring much of the needed equipment for the department, Moody said, and he paid for two fire engines the department was in need of out of his own pocket.

The Community Development Block Grant that is making this all possible is a federal grant that’s administered through the state by way of the Five County Association of Governments.

Enterprise City had applied for the grant for five consecutive years, Bowler said. Then, after taking a few years off from the application hamster-wheel, they got back up on the horse once more.

The grant is for $300,000, Bowler said, and it is typically disbursed in a two-year cycle, $150,000 at a time; but they are allowing the firehouse to withdraw the full amount in the first year.

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