Englewood to Replace Aging Fire Equipment

Out-of-date equipment at the Englewood Fire Department is slated for replacement after the city council approved three deals last week.

Through a state cooperative agreement, the council on Dec. 8 approved a contract for self-contained breathing apparatus face masks not to exceed $55,849 following the trade-in of the old masks; a $33,025 contract for 2016 Ford Expedition SSV; and a $3,995 contract for an Xtended Range Single Channel Transmitter/Receiver System.

The city council plans to purchase eight to 10 new face masks for firefighters each year during the next four years due to new state standards, said City Manager Tim Dacey.

Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) standards for firefighters are enforced by the state Departments of Labor & Workforce Development and state Department of Health.

The new 2016 Ford Expedition would replace a 10-year-old utility vehicle used by the department that unexpectedly stopped working this year, Dacey said.

City officials will have the transmitter/receiver system — that allows firefighters to communicate with each other — installed after the completion of the Jack Drakeford Firehouse, Dacey said. Construction on the firehouse is scheduled to finish in February.

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