Endy (NC) Buys New Equipment

Endy Volunteer Fire Department (NC) recently purchased six airway management bags that have been distributed to its volunteer personnel throughout the community.

The total cost of the bags is $3,000 and was taken out of the general fund of Endy Fire Department, said Dean Scott, who has worked with the department for 15 years. Each bag includes an airway management kit, a blood sugar meter, a nasal airway kit, burn sheet, bandages and an anti-poison kit.

“With these bags, we don’t have to rely on the medic unit as much or our squad here at the station to respond. We gave bags to members spread out throughout the community, so we should have somebody pretty close with a bag should a tragedy happen such as a cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, some kind of allergic reaction, especially in the summertime,” Scott said.

“We’ve got all the stuff we need to take care of that right there on the spot. We should be able to get somebody right there in five or six minutes.”

Scott said the fire department believes the bags are a strong addition to the equipment they already have and will quickly serve a purpose.

“Our objective is to save lives and evidently if someone calls 911, they are in trouble. Either them or someone they know is in trouble. So hopefully we can get there as fast as we can with the right equipment, and we are sure this equipment is going to lead to more accurate and faster responses.”

For more information, view thesnaponline.com

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