EMT Designed Glass-Free Access to Car Accident Victims

Designed by an emergency medical technician, the new Glass Keeper adhesive film from Hammerhead Industries, quickly attaches to the car window and secures the glass. After the window is ”punched” by the rescuer, the Glass Keeper captures and removes 95 percent of the broken glass.
The entire process takes less than 45 seconds. Freeing up the time of valuable rescue workers, the Glass Keeper adhesive film window removal system takes only one person to attach it to the car window and remove the glass.
At less than $20 each, the Glass Keeper is an affordable way of outfitting all first responder vehicles.
No tools or additional cutting are required. The Glass Keeper securely bonds to car windows whether they are clean, wet or dirty.

For more information, visit http://www.gearkeeper.com.

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