EMS Toolkit Adds New Features

EMS Toolkit, a Web-based collection of EMS industry specific tools by The Toolkit Group, has added multiple new features to increase flexibility, improve functionality, and further enhance the overall efficiency of the applications.

Accessible via a single login and implemented at no upfront cost, the tools include an employee scheduling system, bio-metric time clocks, time cards and payroll features; a learning management system with certification tracking; an inventory management feature; a personnel management tool; custom forms system; a fleet management tool; a patient survey feature; and other standard features, including a document storage system, communications tools, and events calendars.

“We continue to add and improve features to empower our customers,” said Brian Polakoff, chief operations officer at The Toolkit Group. “To give just a couple of examples, EMS Toolkit allows users who manage multiple accounts to link those accounts and easily toggle back and forth between them. We’ve also added a term-configuration setting, which allows agencies to personalize their system lingo, changing the default term “employee,” for example, to “team member” or “associate.”” 

The tools are available to MedaPoint customers—EMS agencies and EMS billing companies—through the optional integration of EMS Toolkit with MedaPoint software solutions, AdvanceDispatch, AdvanceCare (electronic patient care reporting) and AdvanceClaim.

“We’re very excited about Toolkit’s new features and how they translate into further added value for our customers who choose to take advantage of the seamless integration,” said Scott Streicher, chief strategy officer at MedaPoint, the Austin, Texas-based EMS software development company. “For example, agencies that already use the employee scheduling application for scheduling crews, overtime management, work restrictions, etc., will now be able to manage their employees’ daily average work limit over a period of time, as well as to publish their complete company work schedule.”

Several significant upgrades have been made to the learning management system, as well. Within the certification tracking module, employers are now able to quickly identify which employees are missing required certifications. And within the online training module agencies can now mandate that employees taking tests must review the material for a specified amount of time prior to being able to proceed to the test itself.

“Through MedaPoint’s partnership with The Toolkit Group,” said Streicher, “we’re able to offer a broad range of fully-integrated Web-based tools—from controlled-medication tracking to payroll export—to optimize functionality and increase efficiency for our customers.”

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