Elmo (TX) Volunteer Fire Department ‘Pushes In’ New Fire Apparatus

The Elmo Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) “pushed in” their new 75-foot quint fire truck — a tradition dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s when firefighters had to push their horse-drawn fire apparatus back into the fire station after emergency calls.

The quint, which serves as an engine and a ladder truck, was pushed into the station on Saturday, March 14, 2015, and will go into service once its radio system is installed which is expected tomorrow.

The quint was purchased by the Elmo VFD, which receives its funding through the Emergency Services District 3, and will assist the department in effectively covering their fire district in northeastern Kaufman County, according to Elmo VFD Chief Randy Brumbelow. The Elmo VFD district includes several housing additions near Elmo as well as the Shadow Lakes and Gospel for Asis additions north of Interstate 20. 

The truck will also play a key role assisting neighboring departments such as Terrell, which is approximately four miles away from their station, and Wills Point, which is approximately nine miles from their station, stated Brumbelow.

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