Elkin NC Purchasing New Fire Apparatus

The town of Elkin is seeking to purchase a new fire truck and make needed repairs to the ladder of an existing fire truck.

According to resolution discussed at the Elkin Board of Commissioners meeting on Monday night, Elkin Finance Director John Holcomb was authorized to finance $401,957 for a new fire engine. Another $177,000 was authorized for the repair of a ladder truck.

Elkin will borrow the money from BB&T Bank. The loan is expected to be for nine years at an interest rate of 2.37 percent.

“The fire department vehicles were approved in the current budget when it was adopted last year,” said Town Manager Lloyd Payne.
According to Elkin Fire Chief Tommy Wheeler, the new truck is manufactured by Pierce.

“It is on a Saber chassis and has a 1,500 gallon per minute pump. It will have a 1,000 gallon water tank and a foam system. This truck will replace our 42-year-old engine,” said Wheeler on Tuesday.

The ladder truck is 20 years old and there were some issues with the ladder portion of the truck.

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