El Medio (CA) Fire Station Burglarized

El Medio fire officials say somebody broke into the fire department Wednesday and stole and handful of equipment, the majority of which is marked “EMFD.”

The department says that between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. somebody entered the fire department’s property by scaling a fence. Once over the fence, the burglar then went through a metal shed, and laundry room.

Officials say two pairs of new boots, a gas powered weed eater, a gas powered leaf blower and other equipment was taken. The majority of the stolen items were marked with “El Medio,” or with “EMFD.”

After firefighters posted descriptions of a “red headed” burglar to social media, the people of Southside found out about the incident, including quite a few people who knew who the thief was.

Several residents who recognized the alleged burglar went to the man’s house, where they found the stolen items and took it all back.

For more information, view www.actionnewsnow.com


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