Editorial on Use of New York Fire Apparatus for Wedding Proposal

An editorial in Glens Falls Post-Star weighs in on the use of fire trucks from West Glens Falls Fire Department and Queensbury Central Fire Department on Dec. 23 as part of a surprise marriage proposal by a West Glens Falls firefighter.

Two trucks pulled into a Route 9 shopping plaza, turned their emergency lights on and had the employees of one business evacuate under the belief there was an emergency when the real intention was for the firefighter to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

It must have been a wonderful moment and, we suspect, one that has been duplicated many times over the years.

But the question of whether it was appropriate and followed ethical guidelines both companies use is a legitimate one and needs to be explored.

It does not mean volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel are unappreciated. It does not mean the work they do and the sacrifices they make are taken for granted.

But the world is a different place these days. Our society is far more litigious than ever before, and rules need to be followed.

Both fire companies in question have adopted ethical guidelines that state it is inappropriate to use company equipment for personal reasons. We’ve heard the stories about teens getting a ride to the prom on the back of the pumper, too, and while the gesture is good-hearted and mostly harmless, it does violate those ethical guidelines.

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