East Hampton CT Manager Rejects Fire Apparatus

East Hampton (CT) will continue to look for a new fire truck after the town manager rejected the proposed purchase of a demonstration truck.

A special committee had studied the question of replacing an outdated 1990 truck and proposed buying a new fire engine built by the Pierce Co. of Appleton (WI). The engine has been used as a demonstration model throughout New England. The total cost of the engine was estimated at $655,000.

Michael Rich, the chairman of the study committee, said the existing truck couldn’t provide adequate water and had shut down during the Bevin Bros. Manufacturing Co. fire in late May.

Town Manager Michael Maniscalco states that it is obvious that the fire department needs a new vehicle.

The fire truck committee had forwarded the names of three towns which had recently purchased new Pierce engines, Maniscalco said.

 “And two of those new purchases were cheaper than the proposed cost of buying the demonstration engine,” Maniscalco said. And so, Maniscalco rejected the proposal to buy the demonstration truck, saying it was not of good value.

“The fire department needs a new vehicle. But the town of East Hampton doesn’t need that demonstration vehicle,” he said. “It’s important that the community have good, reliable equipment for our public safety units, the police and fire. But, we need to remember that we are doing this with taxpayers’ dollars.”

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