East Cleveland’s Fire Equipment Situation Leaves City Without Fire Protection

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The residents of East Cleveland are currently without fire protection. Every major piece of fire fighting equipment in the city has broken down, leaving the city’s firefighters unable to answer calls with an engine or ladder truck.

East Cleveland Firefighters Union President Thomas Buth says the city will ask for aid from a neighboring community if a fire breaks out.

“We’ll be showing up in a police van and an ambulance, we have zero fire protection,” said Buth.

The city has two engines, two ladder trucks and one squad out of service. Firefighters were working on the engine Wednesday because, according to Buth, they cannot take it in to an engine mechanic for repairs.

“We can’t even get quotes from companies we actually deal with because we owe them too much money,” Buth said.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said he will do what he can to get the engine fixed as soon as possible, but for now the city is relying on mutual aid to fight any fires that may erupt.

The broken down engine, Norton said, “is just a symptom of the bigger financial problem we have in East Cleveland.”

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