E-ONE Welcomes Fire Apparatus New Dealer

Ocala, FL– E-ONE welcome s A2Z Fire Apparatus to its dealer network in California.

“A2Z is an organization that has been dealing with state agencies, county governments, and municipalities for the past 30 years as a prominent distributor for multiple industry-leading vehicle manufacturers. This experience, along with their extreme focus on building and maintaining customer relationships, will serve them well in the fire industry.  They share our values, our passion for customer service, and our drive for quality and innovation in the fire industry.  We are certainly proud to welcome such a reputable dealer to the E-ONE team,” said Kent Tyler, E-ONE president and CEO.

With two sales and service locations in Colton and Sacramento as well as mobile repair, service and installation vehicles, A2Z Fire Apparatus is well positioned and looking forward to branching out into the first responder industry.

“With over 150 experienced and dedicated employee owners, we feel our customer-centric approach to sales and service in the bus industry will be a great advantage in California’s first responder industry and are excited to begin selling one of the industry’s leading apparatus lines,” said Jim Reynolds, president and CEO of A2Z.

Long-time fire apparatus sales representative, Jay Bressler, has been retained by A2Z to assist with itsr transition into the first responder market. With more than 30 years of experience and more than 600 units sold in California, Bressler brings a wealth of industry knowledge to A2Z’s team. So much so that industry veterans like Jeff Bowman, retired San Diego fire chief and former chair of the NFPA’s apparatus committee, are looking forward to Bressler’s return as an E-ONE sales rep for A2Z.

“As a former fire chief for both San Diego and Anaheim, I custom designed and purchased many E-ONE’s in the past and even named the Hush, so not only am I happy to hear that E-ONE is back but I’m also very pleased to hear about Jay’s involvement,” said former chief Bowman. “Of all the sales people I’ve ever worked with Jay brings not only a vast knowledge of the industry and the people in this industry, but he also is one of the most respected sales reps in California because he is an advocate for his customers.”

For more information, visit www.E-ONE.com.

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