E-ONE Unveils ’07 Compliant Typhoon Cab/Chassis At FRI

A redesigned E-ONE Typhoon cab chassis, compliant with 2007 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was unveiled in Dallas at the Fire Rescue International exhibition.

Among the most noticeable new cab design features is 50 percent additional legroom for the officer.

Other features include roof-mounted air conditioning and heating vents, overhead console with space for three, center-mount radios and a redesigned engine cover that allows fluids to be checked and filled without the need to tilt the cab.

Those are the items that are immediately noticeable, but what’s more impressive, according to E-ONE, is the innovative technology used to improve air quality and meet the new standards.

E-ONE is the first in the fire industry to successfully complete cooling tests on a 2007 EPA compliant chassis without using any auxiliary emission control devices. More specifically, E-ONE passed cooling tests with 10 percent extra cooling capacity on the radiator and 25 percent extra cooling capacity on the charge air cooler, according to the Ocala, Fla.-based apparatus builder.

“For the customer, this is an amazing result,” said Raff McDougal, E-ONE’s chassis, cab and aerial product development manager. “We were confident we would meet the EPA requirements, but these results far surpassed our expectations.”

The entire industry is required to meet the new emissions standards set by the EPA by January 2007. These test results mean E-ONE will meet and exceed these requirements well before the January deadline, according to the company.

“Our custom chassis’ will both improve air quality and help first responders to be more effective,” said Marc Gustafson, E-ONE president. “E-ONE has continuously demonstrated its technical capabilities by introducing compliant vehicles without relying on emission credits to meet the published deadlines.”

The new EPA emissions standards will significantly reduce the amount of smog-causing nitrogen oxide released in our atmosphere each year – so much so that it will take 60 new trucks to equal the emissions of just one truck sold in 1988, according to information provided by E-ONE.

As a leading fire and rescue vehicle manufacturer, E-ONE engineers and builds a complete apparatus line including hazmat units, explosive ordnance disposal vehicles, command centers and aircraft rescue vehicles. E-ONE is a Federal Signal Corporation subsidiary.

For information call 352-237-1122 or go to www.e-one.com.

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