E-ONE Introduces New Pump Panel Designs


By Chris Mc Loone

At FDIC International 2015, all pump panels at the E-ONE booth were units that the company partnered with Innovative Controls (IC) to produce. “The new panels featured gauges with stainless steel cases, an extra large number scale in the operating range (0-200 psi), and orange tip pointer for better visibility,” says Grady North, product manager. “A brass gauge case is available with a five-year warranty and a scratch-resistant molded lens The new controls have an ergonomically designed ¼-turn push-pull T-handle constructed of chrome-plated zinc with recessed labels for color-coding and verbiage. An anodized aluminum control rod and housing, together with a stainless spring steel locking mechanism, eliminate valve drift. Teflon-impregnated bronze bushings in both ends of the rod housing minimize rod deflection, never need lubrication, and ensure consistent long-term operation. Everything from the master gauge panel to the drain valves to quarter-turn snubbers were new designs with integral labels.”

According to North, E-ONE pioneered the idea of an organized pump panel where discharge controls and corresponding discharge gauges were neatly configured in a horizontal line. “This organization provided the pump operator with easy recognition of what handles controlled which discharges and what gauges went with the corresponding discharge handle,” says North. More and more functions and labels have been required over the years, often resulting ia  variety of styles and brands intermixed on the pump panel.” He adds that information placards, warning labels, and instruction placards have been competing for space with the many 1- by 3-inch discharge and suction tags.

E-ONE created a product improvement plan, states North, with the goal to:

  1. Improve the overall appearance of the pump panel.
  2. Standardize trim packages, control handles, gauges and other items on the pump panel.
  3. Improve quality and reliability.
  4. Retain the original E-ONE DNA of horizontal controls and gauge configurations.
  5. Accomplish all of the above without increasing cost to the consumer.

To complete these tasks, E-ONE elected to partner with IC. The company provided several design scenarios, and E-ONE selected accordingly. “All of the new bezels, gauges, control handles, and garnish rings were designed to accept IC’s labels,” says North. “These labels are durable, UV-resistant, polycarbonate inserts. The UV-resistant polycarbonate graphic inserts are sub-surface screen printed to eliminate the possibility of wear and protect the inks from fading.” All the inserts are backed with 3M permanent adhesive (3M 300LSE), an E-ONE-specific adhesive, which exceeds UL969 and NFPA standards.

E-ONE elected to include the new IC controls as standard across its entire product line. “E-ONE’s philosophy is to not compromise construction and design features on any of its products regardless of the type of market they serve,” North concludes.

For more information, visit www.e-one.com.

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