E-ONE Cyclone II

E_ONE Cyclone II
The Cyclone® II offers spacious floor to ceiling height, low engine cover height and an open cab design for comfortable seating and excellent visibility. In addition to comfort, the Cyclone II is loaded with features that add to its refined nature. Engine noise and heat are isolated from the cab with internal heat-resistant, high-performance fiberglass insulation and a 1/2″ self-skinning Polyurethane cover. Furthermore, rubber cab mounts isolate occupants from both mechanical and road vibrations.

New Enhancements:

  • New high-velocity A/C and heating unit provides extensive cab airflow and coverage
  • Improved cab space and ergonomics increase comfort and simplify cab entry and exit


  • 3/16″ thick skin, roof and floor for maximum occupant protection and corrosion resistance
  • 45º front wheel cut
  • Multiplex electrical system for superior reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Available 44.5″, 58″, 67.5″ and 80″ cab rear lengths
  • Engine cover allows all fluids to be checked and filled from inside the cab

Popular Options:

  • Raised roofs (12″, 16″, 20″) in the rear crew compartment
  • Top-mount, Rear-mount and Side-mount pump panels
  • Single or tandem axle available as required
  • 10-man seating possible in flat roof configuration

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