Rowlett (TX) 2016 E-ONE Cyclone II Aerial


By Lindsay Dye

Ladder 3 was placed into service with Rowlett (TX) Fire Rescue in July, 2016. The cab (flat roof) is the E-ONE Cyclone II X long model, and the chassis is the Cyclone II model. Cab seating for 5 is provided along with EMS cabinets installed on the cab walls above the front wheel wells. Both cab and the dual axle Sidestacker body are constructed of extruded aluminum, and hinged compartment doors are part of the body package. SCBA storage is located above the rear wheel wells (4 bottles per side). 

Power is provided by a 500-hp Cummins ISX 12 engine and an Allison EVS 4000 5-speed transmission with pushbutton shifter. An Onan 6-kW hydraulic generator is located in the right side storage area. 

The apparatus has a Hale Qmax 1,750-gpm pump (midship) and a UPF Poly III 500-gallon “T” tank. Dual 1¾-inch jump lines with 400 feet of hose (200 feet each) are located in the front bumper tray. Crosslays located behind the cab include two 2½-inch (200 feet of hose each) and one dry lay. The bed carries 1,000 feet of 5-inch LDH hose in the upper right rear of the bed. A Hannay booster reel with 100 feet of 1-inch hose is mounted on the upper right side of the body. Foam is provided by a 2002 Hypro/FoamPro system with a 20-gallon foam cell. The foam system is plumbed to the two front jump lines, the first 2½-inch crosslay, and the booster reel.

The aerial is a rear-mount, 137-foot CR model constructed of welded, extruded aluminum with a steel waterway that features a Task Force Tips 1,000-gpm electric monitor. Aerial lighting includes Whelen M6 LED lights (blue lenses) at the ladder tip, Light Rigid Industries E-Series LED lights located on the fly section and blue Luma-Bar Pathfinder LED strip lighting on both sides of the aerial. A Stokes basket is mounted on the left side of the aerial. The command pedestal for this is mounted on the upper left corner of the truck and is accessible by the left rear mounted staircase. Heavy-duty galvanized outriggers and a galvanized ladder tunnel are standard features. A full complement of ground ladders (10-foot folding Duo-Safety 585-A ladder,14-foot Alco-Lite CJL-14 Combo Ladder, 35-fot’ Duo-Safety 1225-A 3-section extension ladder, 28-foot Duo-Safety 1200-A, 2-section extension ladde,r and a 16-foot Duo-Safety roof ladder 875-DR) is stored in the center mounted ladder tunnel. 

The warning lights include two Whelen Mini Freedom 24-inch light bars (Model FNMINI) located on the front corners of the cab and 2 Whelen Mini Freedom 24 inch light bars (Model FNMINI) centered above the rear cab doors. An LED Roto-Ray is mounted on the front center of the cab above the grille. Whelen M6 LED lights adorn the perimeter of the cab and body. Two Whelen Model L 31 beacons and Whelen Model B6LED lights are mounted on the rear of the body above the ladder tunnel

Scene lighting is provided by FRC Evolution LED lights. Audio warning devices include a pedestal mounted Federal Q2B and a Whelen Model 295HFSM1 electronic siren module. Two Federal Dynamax ES100 speakers with “E-ONE” grilles are mounted through the front bumper. The traditional fire bell is mounted on the right front bumper corner.

Dealer: Hall-Mark Fire Apparatus-Rowlett, TX

Representative: Randy Harley

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