Lindale (TX) Fire Department 2016 Pierce Ascendant

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Article and Photos by Lindsay Dye

Truck 1 is a Pierce Ascendant and was placed into service on January 2, 2017, with the Lindale (TX) Fire Department. The cab/chassis are the Pierce Enforcer PUC model with TAK-4 independent front suspension system. Seating for six is provided as is an EMS compartment centered in the rear of the crew area. The cab and body are constructed of aluminum, and AMDOR roll-up compartment doors are part of the body package. The truck is powered by a Detroit DD-13 505-hp engine and an Allison 5th Generation EVS 4500 transmission with six speeds and pushbutton shifter.

The fire apparatus has a Pierce PUC single-stage 1,500-gpm midship pump and a 500-gallon polypropylene tank. The right front bumper tray carries 100 feet of 1¾-inch hose connected to a 1½-inch discharge. Two 1¾-inch crosslays and one 2½-inch dead lay are located in an enclosed compartment behind the cab. The bed will accommodate 1,000 feet of 5-inch LDH in two chutes on each side of the body.

The aerial is a rear-mount, heavy-duty 107-foot stick constructed of steel along with a stainless steel, high-flow waterway that can flow up to 1,500 gpm. An Akron Model 3480 StreamMaster II electric monitor (with wireless remote) and an Akron Model 1577 nozzle are featured. A Stokes box is mounted on the right side of the aerial, and a 14-foot’ roof ladder (Duo-Safety 775-A) is mounted on the left side. Techniq LED rung lighting outlines the aerial for night time operations. Ground ladders (three-section 35-foot Duo-Safety 1225-A, two-section 24-foot Duo-Safety 900A, 16-foot Duo-Safety 875A roof, 14-foot Duo-Safety 775A roof, and a 10-foot Duo-Safety 585A folding,) and pike poles are stored in two rear compartments. The center tray of the front bumper carries a fixed 12,000-pound winch.

The warning lights include four Whelen Freedom IV-Q 21½-inch light bars (two on the cab corners and two over the crew doors). Whelen M6 and M9 model LED lights are located around the rig’s exterior. Whelen Model L31HRFN LED beacons are mounted on the upper rear corners of the truck. Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Pioneer Model PCPSM1 and PCPSM2 LED lights. Audio warning devices include a flush-mount Federal Q2B and a Whelen Model 295HFSA7 electronic siren module with two Whelen SA315P speakers mounted through the front bumper.

Lindale’s Truck 1 is the first department-specified Ascendant PUC delivered and placed into front line service in Texas.

Dealer:  Siddons-Martin Emergency Group-Houston, TX

Representative: Pat Siddons

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