Durango (CO) Fire Dept. Gets $1.2 Million Aerial

Durango Fire Protection District Photo

The City of Durango (CO) Fire Protection District is getting acquainted with its new $1.2 million 100-foot ladder truck which it just placed in service, according to The Durango Herald.

According to the newspaper, the city purchased the aerial to help provide protection for several new and proposed hotels being built in the area. It also reported that a city the size of Durango should have four aerial, but before the newest purchase, it had only two and the tallest was 75 feet.

Named Tower 1, the new apparatus weighs 75,000 pounds and is 9 feet 6 inches wide with out riggers that spread to a full width of about 17 feet, according to the newspaper.

The truck, which was discounted because it was a demonstrator apparatus, was paid for with the help of impact fees, paid by the developers, meaning the entire cost of the apparatus was not borne by the existing taxpayers, according to the newspaper.

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