DuPont Certifies Ferrara Painters

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc., said all painters employed at its factory have been certified by DuPont under DuPont’s Top Gun Training Course. Ferrara uses DuPont Imron for the exterior finish on all its chassis, cabs and bodies. 

Ferrara painters underwent rigorous training, supervised by a DuPont instructor, in the proper methods of surface preparation, primer application and topcoat application, according to the company, which said new standard operating procedures were established for each of the Imron processes.

Also, in partnership with DuPont, Ferrara said its painters are working with all new equipment, from mixing machines to new spray guns and tips. As an added step in Ferrara’s quality assurance program, the company said a DuPont representative will make quarterly visits to audit paint procedures and documentation.

“By providing the best equipment and having our painters attain, or renew, their DuPont certifications, we assure our customers that they will receive a superior Imron paint finish on their new truck,” said Chris Ferrara, company president and CEO. 

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, based in Holden, La., manufactures a complete line of fire and emergency vehicles. For information, contact Marketing Director Paul Christiansen at 800-443-9006 or at or at PO Box 249, Holden, La., 70744.

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