DuPont Advances Smart-Fiber Technology

DuPont has a new advanced fiber called Nomex On Demand with smart-fiber technology that provides firefighters with up to 20 percent more thermal protection in emergency conditions.

The term smart-fiber refers to the material’s ability to detect emergency conditions and automatically expand, trapping more air for thermal insulation, according to DuPont. The fiber reacts and expands when temperatures reach 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the company said, while in normal temperature conditions, thermal liners made with the fiber remain thin and flexible.

The product “is the first smart-fiber technology that helps protect lives,” said Thomas G. Powell, vice president and general manager of DuPont Advanced Fiber Systems. “We understand of the evolving needs of the fire service industry and are committed to helping firefighters and other responders perform their jobs safely.”

The new technology is commercially available, has been independently tested and meets National Fire Protection Association standards, Powell said.

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