Dunnstown (PA) Volunteer Fire Co. Getting $842k Rescue-Pumper

Woodward Township officials are moving forward with a plan to borrow money for a new rescue-pumper for Dunnstown (PA) Volunteer Fire Co., but not without controversy, reports lockhaven.com.

The department says it cannot afford the $842,000 apparatus on its own because of COVID-related reduced fundraising, and an argument ensued at the town meeting, the report says.

The outcome was officials will consider a letter of commitment for a loan backed by revenue from a 1 mill property fire tax enacted in early 2020, the report says. The department says it will secure the loan after documentation is settled and the letter is required to proceed.

The longer the decision is delayed, the more the truck could cost, according to the report. The apparatus’ cost has risen $90,000 since an estimate last year—the previous estimate was $750,000.

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