Dunmore (PA) Getting New Fire Apparatus

The borough council recently approved buying a $980,000 combination pumper/vehicle rescue/ladder truck that will be custom-made for the Dunmore Fire Department.

“I am here 28 years, and this is the first time in my career I can remember — even being a volunteer — we haven’t bought a demo or used piece of equipment,” Assistant Fire Chief Robert Dee said.

Wisconsin-based Pierce Manufacturing, whose closest dealer is Glick Fire Equipment in Lancaster County, will take 10 months to a year to build the truck, whose amenities include a 105-foot ladder and water storage of up to 500 gallons.

When it arrives, it will allow the fire department to retire its ladder truck — which firefighters say is at least 18 years old and does not carry water.

The three-in-one truck will help firefighters set up more quickly with less equipment to get to the scene and position, Private Vince Sardo said.

The new vehicle’s lifespan is expected to be around 25 years, while the payback for the truck is scheduled to last 15 years.

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