Dundee NY Approves Fire Apparatus Purchase

The Dundee Fire Department (NY) approved a bid to contract a new $537,093 pumper/tanker to replace a nearly 28-year-old truck.

The bid from Har-Rob Fire Apparatus was the lowest of two bids received for the tandem truck chassis that will carry 2,500 gallons of water.

Mayor Fred Cratsley Jr. praised the work by the committee; noting the fire department will be getting a bigger truck with higher water capacity than trucks purchased by other area departments.

The 2,500 gallon tank will be made of polyurethane rather than steel, which has not held up to the village’s hard water over the years.

Construction of the new truck will take up to 300 days, he said. Representatives from the company will visit the Dundee Fire Department soon to gather the information needed for the project.

For more information, view www.chronicle-express.com

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