Dubois (WY) Firefighters Donate Equipment to Ten Sleep

Following last Saturday night’ devastating fire at the Ten Sleep Fire Hall, one of Fremont County’s own smaller fire departments stepped up to help.

The Dubois Fire Department has given their comrades in Ten Sleep a slew of equipment in lieu of the department losing all of its equipment to the fire.

Fire Chief Mike Franchini called the Wyoming fire community “tight-knit” and that there was no way his department could sit back and not help out. So on Sunday morning, he reached out and got a list of equipment that Ten Sleep could use.

Dubois, having recently upgraded much of its equipment, had surplus that it was ready and willing to give away. Among the items Dubois sent to Ten Sleep were: 11 air packs, 20 air tanks, several sets of turnout gear, fire boots, gloves and helmets. Additionally, the local firefighters gave Ten Sleep a check.

Franchini noted that the air systems they gave to Ten Sleep were the exact same as what the department had used before. “It was perfect,” he said. “They won’t have to do any training with them.”

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