Driver Flees After Crashing into Buffalo Fire Apparatus

Buffalo Police are searching for a driver involved in a crash with a Buffalo fire truck.

The SUV was sitting idly when police arrived. The driver was nowhere to be found.

“The driver of the pedestrian vehicle did leave the scene and is being sought now,” Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield said.

Whitfield says his firefighters weren’t hurt in the crash. They weren’t able to get to the fire, which was a block away from the accident.

“Problem is,” Whitfield said, “the more of these accidents we have the fewer reserves we have available to us.”

This is at least the second accident involving a fire truck in just as many weeks.

Recently, a crew trying to get to a downtown fire seemingly sideswiped a parked car. It was forced further out on Whitney Place, because of snow on the side of the street.

“Our fleet has taken a hit this winter. It’s been a tough, very difficult winter as everyone here knows. There’s been several accidents that involved our apparatus that we’ve had to take out of service and get fixed. We’re juggling right now, trying to make sure we can keep all our companies open,” Whitfield said.

This particular truck could be out of service for some time, Whitfield says, because of significant damage on the side. There’s a possibility pumps have been broken.

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