Dothan (AL) to Remove Mold from Fire Station

The City of Dothan is expected to take the first step toward fixing a mold problem at its Central Fire Station that has led to the displacement of some of its firefighters.

The Dothan City Commission is expected to accept a bid of $18,000 from Gosselin Design to draw plans for a renovation of the Central Fire Station on Columbia Highway.

The station has been primarily vacated for more than three weeks due to a severe mold issue.

According to a preliminary analysis, the cause of the mold was high humidity in the station due to a heavy infiltration of air from the outside. The infiltration was so heavy that the station’s HVAC system could not regulate humidity levels inside the station.

Additionally, Peach Engineering of Headland is assessing the HVAC system to determine if improvements are necessary to regulate the humidity. Peach Engineering’s proposal for engineering services is $7,600.

General Services Director Randy Morris said most of the mold has been detected in the station’s locker room and storage room. However, Morris said some mold was detected in places throughout the station.

Morris said he doesn’t know what may have caused the infiltration.

“A good bit is probably due to age, and possibly different construction practices then compared to now,” Morris said.

The station was constructed in 1999.

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