DMR Association Announces Further Successful Interoperability Testing

LONDON, UK – 6 September 2011 – The Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association today announced two further successful Tier 2 interoperability testing sessions. One was between Vertex Standard and Motorola Solutions, and the other between Vertex Standard and SELEX Elsag.

For both sets of tests, all DMR Association mandatory and optional Tier 2 features were established to be interoperable. 

Mandatory features include:
  • Group Call,
  • Individual Call (PATCS),
  • Individual Call OACSU,
  • All Call
  • Emergency call.
Optional features include:
  • Call Alert,
  • Radio Check,
  • Remote Monitor,
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Radio Enable/Disable.
The completion of these tests increases the number of DMR vendors with formally tested equipment available in the market to five. Testing took place from June 15-19, 2011 with the formal review and approval of the results taking place during July/August.

Tom Mockridge, Motorola Solutions, chair of the DMR Association Technical Working Group said “completion of the DMR Association’s fifth and sixth sets of interoperability tests involving manufacturers demonstrates DMR’s success and represents the additional strengthening of DMR’s position in the commercial Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) market.

Purchasers of DMR equipment now have a broad choice of interoperable vendors. They can buy widely supported, open multivendor technology with full confidence. With the large number of additional manufacturers expected to bring interoperable DMR products to market in coming months, the position of DMR as the commercial PMR industry standard of choice is very clear.” 

About DMR

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a globally-available open digital radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio users, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

About the DMR Association

The DMR Association is focused on building on the success of the DMR standard through a combination of interoperability testing, certification, education and awareness. The Association also seeks to ensure that buyers of DMR technology gain value through the competition and choice derived from products built to an open multi-vendor standard.

The DMR Association includes members representing a broad cross-section of the industry, including some of the world’s leading device and network suppliers.

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