Dispute Over Lincoln (NE) Fire Apparatus

A dispute between the Lincoln Fire Department and the Lincoln Firefighters Association Local 644 over equipment and staff is heating up. 

Fire union leaders said Lincoln’s new policy to send an alternative rescue vehicle for medical calls instead of a fire engine is jeopardizing lives. 
On Monday, the union pointed to a recent rescue where a man fell off a pedestrian bridge north of Memorial Stadium. The union said it took 20 minutes to help the victim because they didn’t have a regular rig.

“It’s pretty rare in a medical emergency you need a 41-foot, $750,000 ladder truck. Maybe it would be a good idea on an alternative response vehicle to have a pair of bolt cutters,” said Tom Casady, Lincoln Public Safety director.

The union filed a grievance with the city.

For more information and to read the letter, view www.ketv.com


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