Digital Wireless Observation System for Fire Apparatus

ASA Electronics WVOS713 Digital Observation System

Elkhart, IN—When driving, many fire apparatus operators are presented with the challenge of not obtaining a clear view of what is happening around their vehicle. ASA Electronics, a manufacturer of mobile audio and video electronics has introduced its seven-inch digital wireless observation system featuring WiSight™ technology. The system supports up to three cameras—one wireless and two wired. The large, easy-to-read monitor will give drivers a picture of their surroundings.

The WVOS713 features WiSight™ technology, which helps to eliminate dangerous blind spots and visibility limitations often encountered while out on the road. This technology digitally locks the camera to the monitor, blocking all outside signals along with eliminating interference and noise typical of analog wireless systems. The WVOS713 also features a strong signal that transmits through and around objects at up to 60 feet.

The seven-inch screen provides viewers with a sharp, vivid picture of the apparatus’s surroundings, allowing the driver to safely perform many driving maneuvers such as reversing, merging, or changing lanes. The monitor features a suction cup mount so it can be attached to the windshield and easily be transported between vehicles. It also has a built-in speaker and front controls for power on/off, brightness adjustment, and volume control.

The Voyager® rear camera features wide viewing angles, infrared LED illumination for low-light performance, a built-in microphone, and mirror/normal image orientation. The camera can easily connect to the running lights or other 12-volt power source.

The WVOS713 consists of a Voyager® seven-inch color LCD monitor with a 12-volt accessory plug, suction cup monitor mount, a Voyager® color rear-observation camera, stainless steel hardware, and a noncorrosive camera mounting bracket.

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