Digital Interactive Training Trailer

Surrey Fire Safety House, a provider of fire safety and command center trailers, introduces a new Digital Interactive Training Trailer.

The trailer features select training programs appropriate for students of any age in:

  • Severe Weather
  • Fire Safety
  • Interactive Fire Extinguisher Training

The learning center includes the zero emission, hands on New Digital Interactive Fire Extinguisher Training. It has the realistic look and feel of putting out various types of fires with a real fire displayed on a giant 100-inch screen that you pull out, and is compliant with OSHA regulation 1910.157G, involving the use of small hand held fire extinguishers. Severe Weather Training held in the bleacher area also uses special effects and the giant screen. Fire & Kitchen safety with escape training are conducted in a home like realistic setting, with a simulated grease fire on the stove, a trash can fire, 911 phone system, a heated smoking door with a hot doorknob, and a real pull station with strobe horn.

The learning center retains all the standard fire safety learning areas including smoke filled room escape and kitchen safety training for children in a separate area. The training equipment can also be used in a classroom, as a stand-alone portable unit, which is included, or can be used as a built-in system.

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