Detroit Fire Department’s Only Boat Still in Water

Equipment problems have plagued the Detroit Fire Department for years. The promise of new trucks is still on hold and now another important piece of equipment is in jeopardy. 

The Detroit Fire Department’s only boat is not winterized and truck troubles also persist.

“We’re always fixing them,” said Tom Ilich, Detroit fire truck mechanic.

FOX 2 is told they are still breaking down faster than mechanics can fix them. Fire sources tell FOX 2 the department is moving the working rigs around to different fire companies so firefighters can properly respond to emergencies.

No one can seem to help these old fire trucks from breaking down — but the Detroit Fire Department can protect and prevent some of the working equipment from failing by taking care of it.

That’s why sources tell FOX 2 many are concerned Detroit’s only fire and rescue boat is still floating in the icy waters of the Detroit River.

Every October the Curtis Randolf goes out of service and is winterized, stored safely in another location and bubbled which means a hose blows air into the water so ice can’t freeze around it.

This winter, nothing as been done to move and protect the only fire fighting rescue boat from Detroit to Cleveland.

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