Detcon Introduces a New Gas Detection Solution

Detcon Model FP-100 Gas DetectorTHE WOODLANDS, TXDetcon’s Model FP-100 is a low power gas detection sensor designed to detect and monitor combustible gases in air over the range of 0-100% LEL using catalytic bead sensor technology. 

The sensors are 4-20mA and feature intelligent electronics with automated calibration and comprehensive fault diagnostics. All electronics are fully encapsulated in an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing. The plug-in field replaceable sensor cell features large surface area gold-plated pins that help reduce the effects of corrosion in harsh industrial environments.  The Model FP-100’s exceptional packaging and innovative design marks a return to a simple, durable, and more affordable gas detection sensor without compromising quality.

Upper enclosure options are aluminum and stainless steel (with a replaceable transient protection board). Although the Model FP-100 is extremely simple and low cost, it can be customized with additional accessories that include wireless communications, a loop-powered digital display, Remote Alarm Module (RAM), HART, or a Modbus RS-485 interface.  

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About Detcon

Detcon designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial grade gas detection sensors and electronic control systems. Detcon was established in 1983 and began commercial activity with its first products in early 1985. The company has continued to grow in product base and market share. Application experience includes virtually every conceivable type of industrial facility. Detcon’s wide range of sensor technology and electronic product designs establishes a competitive advantage in providing practical and affordable gas detection solutions in even the most difficult and challenging industrial environments.

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Detcon Introduces Portable Gas Detector

The Woodlands, TXDetcon’s new Model SG1 portable single-gas detector uses electrochemical sensor technology to detect and monitor any one of five gases: hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, oxygen, or sulfur dioxide. 

This lightweight, compact gas detector is controlled by an advanced microprocessor allowing for automatic zero-calibration and easy span calibration set up. During normal operation the backlit LCD screen continuously displays battery life and real-time gas concentration in ppm for toxic models or concentration of % for the oxygen deficiency model. 

The SG1 features advanced STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit) and TWA (Time Weighted Average) functions to trigger a warning of prolonged exposure to a specified gas. Maximum and minimum gas concentrations can also be programmed and monitored. The portable gas detector features a touch-button interface with simple-to-follow display symbols. Users are alerted to hazardous conditions via three alarm indicator functions: vibration alert, LED alert lamp, and an audible buzzer with low and high settings of up to 90dB. 

The SG1 weighs just 4.6 ounces and is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure that includes a rubber sleeve for a high level of  shock absorption. SG1 portables can be attached to personnel using a heavy-duty stainless steel alligator belt clip. Minimum  run time of the battery is 4,500 hours in no alarm condition. 

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