Des Plaines IL to Replace Fire Apparatus

Des Plaines (IL) will replace a 23-year-old ladder truck with a 12-year-old used ladder truck from Lake Zurich, which has 66,000 miles on it.

Des Plaines aldermen unanimously approved a resolution allowing the city to buy the truck from the Lake Zurich Fire Department for $400,000. Included in the purchase are $7,522 worth of spare parts and accessories, Fire Chief Alan Wax said.

Buying Lake Zurich’s truck will save Des Plaines close to $28,000 per year, Wax said. A new truck operated over its anticipated 18-year lifespan would cost $77,778 annually; the used truck will cost $50,000 over an anticipated eight years, he said.

The truck, built in 2000, is available because Lake Zurich didn’t use it often and decided it wasn’t needed.

Des Plaines’ 2013 budget includes $1.4 million for a new ladder truck.

A separate study of the Des Plaines Fire Department’s ladder truck operations is pending. Wax said that even if the city operates just one ladder truck, another would be needed in reserve in case the operating truck is out for repairs or needs to be replaced.

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