Delmont (SD) New Fire Station Destroyed by Tornado

Sunday’s tornado destroyed Delmont’s fire station, but it’s getting by with a help from nearby towns like Tripp.

The day after a tornado tore through Delmont, the damage isn’t limited to those who need help but those who also give it.

Delmont Fire Chief Elmer Goehring said “I hate to see our equipment sitting in there. There’s so much other stuff going on right now, that we aren’t real focused on that at all.”

Strong winds knocked down the town fire hall but it didn’t shake Fire Chief Goehring.

“I can’t really say that it affected me at all. The homes are what I knew… I didn’t really think much of it,” Goehring said.

Delmont’s fire station was barely six months old before a tornado ripped it to shreds.

“January, we moved in. It’s been probably a five-year project securing funding, and some of it wasn’t all that fun. It was a real asset to us, and it will be again at some point,” Goehring said.

More than 20 neighboring crews showed up after the storm hit to pitch in. It’s why Mayor Mae Gunnare knows that even without a fire house, they’ll get by.

“They pulled through. We did get a rig out, that’s why we have South Dakota spirit. We’d be in their hometown if they needed us,” Gunnare said.

“We have great mutual aid communities around us and they’re going to help us out as long as we need them, just like we’ll help them out if the need arises for them,” Goehring said.

“I’m so thankful for the fire departments from all over, and the EMT’s,” Gunnare said.

Delmont will rebuild its fire hall, but for now, Chief Goehring is just taking the devastation one day at a time.

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