Dash Cam Captures Ice Shattering Windshield of Wayne Township IN Apparatus

Video taken by the Wayne Township Fire Department shows the aftermath of an accident in which ice shattered the windshield of a Wayne Township (IN) fire truck.

The video shows the crumpled windshield on one of the department’s fire engines. It had been shattered by a piece of ice in a frighteningly close call for a firefighter who is not accustomed to that kind of danger.

“It just seemed like it was right there so quickly.  I saw it lift off the truck and it was right there,” said Firefighter Matt Irvin.

Irvin was driving the engine.  He was treated at the hospital for cuts from the broken glass.  He said the freak accident shows why drivers need to take caution before they ever even hit the road.

For more information and video, view fox59.com

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