Darley Delivers CAFS Units to Korea Fire Department

Darley recently delivered 17 Mongoose CAFS units to the Hanseo company in Korea. These are some of the first units to use compressed air foam in Korea. The project started a few years ago when Darley traveled to Korea and presented CAFS, foam, and the increased firefighting efficiency when not only using foam, but also compressed air foam.

The units have received a lot of attention in Korea because of their ability to extinguish fires efficiently and effectively. The CAFS units are currently being used by the Chungnam Fire Department, in the Chungnam Province, to fight forest and municipal fires.

The Mongoose CAFS units were certified by KFI, which is the governing body for firefighting products sold in Korea. They adhere to very strict standards and demand accuracy down to a few percent from the pump, compressor, and foam pump that together Hanseo and Darley were able to meet. These standards are the most specific in the world.

For more information visit www.darley.com.

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