Darley Covers Current and Future Changes to Apparatus at Online Event

Paul Darley - CEO of W.S. Darley & Co.As president and CEO of W.S. Darley & Co., Paul Darley has seen plenty of change in the apparatus market.
Add his experience as past president of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA) and his service on the Fire & Emergency Service Manufacturers & Services Association (FEMSA) board of directors, and he is well equipped to discuss current and future changes to fire apparatus. Darley is a keynote speaker at the free online event on October 19 at 10:00 EST.
During his keynote, Darley will provide industry statistics that highlight how the fire service has changed and how U.S. manufacturers are changing the design of their fire apparatus to meet the changing needs of the U.S. fire service. What are some of the hottest topics in his market right now? Darley replies, “Competitively priced vehicles that meet the true needs of firefighters. Multipurpose trucks with small pump panels,” he says.
On his first time speaking at an online event and its practicality, Darley adds, “Hopefully with travel budgets being down, this approach might catch on.”
You can register for the Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Online Conference and Expo by visiting http://www.fireapparatusmagazine.com/index/online-event.html

Registration for the event is free and all conference presentations will be archived for 30 days after the event’s conclusion on October 20. 

Other presentations include:
  • CAFS: The Evolution and Current Advantages – Dan White
  • High-Rise Tactical Firefighting in the 21st Century – Michael Wielgat
  • The Trend Toward Multiresponse Fire Apparatus – Paul Christansen
  • Situation Safety: Lighting, Controls, and Robotics – Rick Fix
  • Keynote: Can NFPA Standards and Engineering Advancements Influence Human
    Behavior Enough to Enhance Firefighter Safety?
    – William Peters
  • Apparatus Trends – Michael Moore
  • Maximizing Your Water Flow Potential – David Gindlesperger/Pete Lauffenburger
  • Aerials: The Short and the Long of It – George Logan, Jr.

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