Danville (IL) Officials Consider Fire Apparatus Purchase

Benefits of a new heavy rescue pumper for the Danville Fire Department include more storage space for equipment and being able to use extrication equipment faster.

City council members will consider approving the purchase next week of a $665,285 Ferrara Cinder MVP Custom Pumper from Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. The authorized dealer is A.E.C. Fire & Safety.

The purchase of this type of vehicle has been discussed for a few years.

“It’s been in the works a little over three years now,” said Fire Capt. Don McMasters.

He said they worked on the specs to bid out this truck and a new aerial truck, but due to financial issues and being told there only will be funding in the budget for one of the two, “this was a higher priority for us.”

McMasters said the rescue pumper is set up and equipped to do more than just fight fires. It has about 370 to 380 cubic feet of storage and compartment space, compared to about 230 cubic feet in a typical fire engine, to hold axes and other rescue tools.

He said instead of just the hose bed area on a typical fire engine, there are upper access doors for compartments for extra rescue type of equipment. Firefighters will have the equipment all the time.

McMasters said the fire department has a 1999 model with a 75-foot ladder that has had to have multiple things rebuilt on it and a 1998 engine “that is starting to nickel and dime the city a little bit on repairs. One will be put in reserve status.”

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