Danko Builds Wildland Vehicle On Unimog Platform

Danko Fire Apparatus
With a Wateorus CLVK 500 gpm hydraulic-driven, rear mounted pump, Danko’s wildland vehicle has full-time, automatic pump and roll capabilities.
Danko Fire Apparatus
The Scales Mound (Ill.) Fire Department recently took delivery of one of the first Unimog-based wildland attack vehicles made by Danko Emergency Equipment. (Danko Photo)

Danko Emergency Equipment has developed what it calls “The Ultimate All-Terrain Wildland Attack Vehicle.” The unit is built on a rugged Unimog U500 cab and chassis.

One of the first built by Danko was recently delivered to the Scales Mound Fire Protection District, Scales Mound, Ill.

A Mercedes Benz 906 260 hp engine with an automatic transmission powers the Illinois unit.

For firefighting, it has a Waterous 500 gpm CLVK hydraulic-driven pump with an optional full-time automatic pump and roll. It has an 800-gallon UPF Defender II polypropylene tank and an Akron FireFox remote monitor on the front bumper.

In addition to the monitor, it has three discharges, a 2.5-inch on the rear, a 1.5-inch preconnected line also in the rear and a front 1.5-inch crosslay. One 4-inch gated intake is found on the back.

The all-wheel drive vehicle also has four-wheel anti-lock brakes, an inter-axle differential lock, a central tire inflation system, and a 270-amp alternator.

R-O-M roll-up doors cover the four side compartments on the vehicle that also has pneumatic pressurized access steps and a galvanized steel body subframe.

It has a 26-degree angle of departure, ladder, hard suction, pike pole storage and a Class 7 receiver hitch with rear trailer connection.

A National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) emergency light package is fitted to the apparatus as well as one telescopic 12-volt scene light.

Danko, headquartered in Snyder, Neb., has also created an airport firefighting vehicle on the Unimog cab and chassis.

That unit has dry chemical, water, foam and a high-energy compressed-air foam system (cafs), as well as a hydraulic overhead boom.

Like the quick attack unit, it’s powered by the same running gear and has the same Unimog features.

The real difference between the two is found in its fire suppression system.

The airport vehicle has a Waterous/Pneumax suppression system, consisting of a 250 gpm CPK-2 Waterous pump and a 120 cfm Pneumax air compressor. It also has a FoamPro 2002 foam system, a 500-pound “PKP” dry chemical system, and a 600-gallon water tank with a 30-gallon foam cell.

A Remote Monitor

Other equipment includes an Elkhart Sidewinder remote monitor, a Williams Hydro-Chem dual agent nozzle, a 100-foot booster reel with a dual agent hose and a second Williams nozzle.

The unit is designed as an airport crash fire rescue vehicle or for industrial firefighting. The cafs encapsulates the dry chemical to ensure extended protection and precise dual agent application from the front monitor or the booster reel handline, according to Danko.

Delivered To Illinois

The Unimog wildland attack vehicle, delivered to Scales Mound was sold by an AEC Fire & Safety representative, Springfield, Ill. For $226,200.

Danko Emergency Equipment is a family-owned business, founded in 1974, manufacturing and selling firefighting and emergency vehicles to fire departments, rural fire districts and government agencies. Not only does it manufacture wildland attack vehicles and airport crash units, it builds tankers, tanker/pumpers, quick attack vehicles, rescue trucks, brush trucks, slip-in units and various other specialty vehicles.

For information call 866-568-2200 or go to www.danko.net.

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