Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue 2014 Spartan Star Series Fire Apparatus


Engine 3 went into service with Dallas (TX) Fire-Rescue on February 13, 2015. This fire truck is part of a multi-apparatus order which was delivered in late 2014. The chassis is a Gladiator MFD with 10-inch raised-roof cab and the Classic model front end and grille. The cab features Spartan’s Advanced Protection System (APS) along with seating for four and a dual-compartment cabinet installed at the rear center of the cab. Driver-engineer Andy Ellis designed and installed a custom plug kit, two easy-access glove holders, and relief brackets on the cabinet exterior. The relief brackets hold one radio, one PASS device, one flashlight, and helmet tags. These additions pertain to this particular engine only.

The apparatus cab/body is constructed of stainless steel with full-depth, custom compartments designed by Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists along with the custom mounting package for both body and cab. Roll-up doors on the body are provided by ROM. Power is provided by a Cummins ISL9 450-hp engine and an Allison 4000 EVS five-speed transmission with pushbutton controls. 

The apparatus features a side-mount pump panel and a Waterous CMU two-stage, midship 1,500-gpm pump along with a Pro Poly 500-gallon tank. Foam is provided by a FoamPro System and a 20-gallon foam cell. A Task Force Tips Hurricane RC Model XFIH-EL1A deck gun (1,250-gpm) is mounted on top of the pump panel. The deck gun can also be operated with a hard wired remote. 

The hosebed for this rig accommodates 1,200 feet of five-inch LDH, 800 feet of three-inch hose, 300 feet of 2.5-inch hose, and 250 feet of 1.75-inch hose. Crosslays (two with 1.5-inch discharges and 250 feet each of 1.75-inch hose) are located in a semi-enclosed compartment directly behind the cab. A booster reel with 250 feet of one-inch hose is located in a semi-open rear compartment. The left rear compartment was modified by Ellis with an additional shelf and hooks for a hose load used in high-rise building incidents. This special compartment design is for this engine only. Ladders (24-foot extension, 14-foot roof, 12-foot Fresno, and 10-foot attic) are stored in a compartment on the upper right rear body. An “A” frame, metal hydraulic hosebed cover protects the hose load. 

Warning lights include a Whelen Freedom LED lightbar and Whelen M6 LED lights on the apparatus body. Two Whelen L31 LED beacons are mounted on the upper rear corners of the hosebed. Scene lighting is provided by Whelen Pioneer Model LED lights. Audio warning devices include a Federal Q2B siren flush-mounted through the bumper center and a Whelen electronic siren module connected to two Whelen 100-watt speakers mounted through the front bumper.

Dealer: Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists-Houston, TX

Representative: Scott Gibbs-Territory Manager 

Photos and description courtesy of Lindsay Dye.

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